Monday, 3 April 2017


Well hello there. I don’t really know how to begin a post after so long! It's quite difficult to summarise 6 months.......

Here are some snapshots of what we have been up to - lots of sunny days filled with laughing but I wanted to address a couple of comments I have received of late accusing me of airbrushing my life. It is true all my pictures are edited in that I choose the best shots and try to paint a positive picture because essentially I am an optimist and choose to look at the good rather than the bad. That said my life is just like everyone else - filled with the daily struggle to find the elixir of 'balance', constantly worrying that my kids are not getting enough attention as I juggle too many balls and are we allowed to mention the 'unmentionable' black cloud of money (or lack there of?) Life with 3 kids, a job and a household to run with no extra help leaves me so damn time poor. I know I shouldn’t complain because let's face it I am beyond lucky - a great husband, lovely home and 3 beautiful, creative, independent children. Yet truth be told our daily life aint easy. I am just trying my best to mix the cocktail right and praying to god I am not screwing up our kids in the process! What was it Philip Larkin said? They fuck you up your mum and dad.......

So yes, I guess the snapshots do paint a very rosy picture but isn't life way more fun that way? 
Space. SO much of it.


culmstock beacon

honey sandwiches for our Bear Hunt

bear hunting

kids theatre



2 year old - how on earth did that happen?!


Hide and Seek

bowling stance

bros just chewing the fat

Christmas Day - looking like Shirley Temple!

greatest dad alive. fact.

daddy's girl

feeding the deer



STOP taking picture of me. Growl.


free range

wind swept

Longleat Festival of Light. 


amazing light

Spring. At LAST


rock climber

spider web


me and 3 of my favourite things - my cashmere hat Ems gave me for my 30th, my old school duffle coat and a Sunday pint of Thatchers. Happy.

these 2. Melt.

I know it sounds like I work for Longleat (I don't) but really if you haven't taken your kids there, do. It is magical. monkey roam over you car, lions saunter past you and tigers roar 10 metres away...... a kids HEAVEN.




look at the colours. West Country at it's best.

soldier, soldier

Somerset, you have my heart.



love a rope swing



when you come across wild horses on your walk