Saturday, 13 August 2016

Summer Lovin'

I sound like a blinkin' broken record but cannot believe it's been 4 months since I lasted posted anything on here (I literally started that post the same way) but hey life is full and I have a severe lack of time..... blah blah blah....... but wanted to share some shots of our summer thus far as all the smalls are aboard a very fast wheel of change at the moment and I want to record as much as possible. Everyday seems to bring a leap and a bound from each of them - we can go months where they are seemingly biding their time with their interests, goals, achievements (that sounds like a bloody self help book, soz) and then out of the blue they pin back those ears, raise the buffers and off they go again..... SLOW DOWN...... I can't catch up........
burger cook up

beach bum

my lovely

donkey grandpa

3 years old - marshmallow cake as requested!

natural colouring..... honest.......


camping. In August.


looking so like Tractor Grandpa

when McEnroe took Sam Fox to the prom

godmummy Frith

Pre School Graduation

Carol. A Legend.

when, oh when will they learn to SHARE?!?!?!

half piping nutters

mo chunker

and he's off.......

Hitching a lift


ice cream chops

beautiful Ireland

dare devil


jungle warrior



too grown up

lesson no 1.

light of my life

yours truly

lunch with a view

fish face

my crew. 

bath time is LOUD.



taking a dip


throw another shrimp on the barbie


redheaded beauty 
tropical baby

river worms



surfs up


summer toes

start them young


when camping goes wrong........

tree climber

potter potter

whats the surf doing Hope?

home made water bombs

goose and the melon

what'z appppp?

Angie's 70th 

You gotta love pears and chocolate. You gotta.

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  1. Oh Louise, your blog is too cute and beautiful. The pictures of your kids made me stick to it for a long. I love the picture of camping in august so very much.