Sunday, 19 July 2015


The blog is so sporadic (i.e pretty non existent) at the mo..... life is just a juggling act but no apologies - we have our hands full and one day I hope to find more (any) time to pick it up but for now it is plodding along on the backburner. Snapshots are an essential favourite though - Rupert and I love to look back over the collections and remember otherwise forgotten moments so I am finding time to edit all my pics and continue this diary of ours. Here is what we have been up to lately.....
Big brother and smiles

No more tears

Freddie the Fish - Maurice's new pal



Ru has been 'wild camping' on Dartmoor. No tent, just 2 pals, 1 rucksack, a bivvy, a stove and a bottle of rum. Mad men. Thanks Will Cooper Mitchell for the pics 

to the rescue

ball games on Branscombe beach

that face

standard morning

post bath rough and tumble on the bed

explorers. c. Will Cooper Mitchell

little slithers of our home

wetter than a St. Bernard

he loves poultry

amazing evening light in our bathroom

watching the fish at Montacute

kicking back in his vans listening to his wireless

a half an hour debate on the best flavours of ice cream


strawberry farm - Maurice at 100 and came home with 3...

hide n seek



home from pre school and straight to the larder

slobbery smacker

knight battle

just watchin'

a Tor (not sure which one) on Dartmoor. c. Rupert Haines

another slither

treasure collecting


laird (Montacute House)

best pals

yours truly

all that yummy chub

men at work

night night



Jamie and Ru c. Will Cooper Mitchell



small feet in cute sandals

new toy

shark rider

stones a plenty to throw



sunrise c Rupert Haines



sunset c Rupert Haines

stones c. Will Cooper Mitchell


raising TV addicts

wet floors. again.