Thursday, 19 February 2015

Hope Haines - 8th February 2015

Well here is the reason things have been more than a little quiet on the blog of late. Our beautiful daughter Hope Haines finally made an appearance, a week late, on 8th February. Having been told I would be unlikely to go to full term the end of pregnancy seemed to drag on and on but it was worth the wait. She is smashing. Sure, sleep is an issue (isnt it always with newborns zzzzzzzz....) but I dont even care about the exhaustion - I am so happy she is here safe and sound and I can see my feet again! Lenny has taken a very protective and gentle role with Hope insisting on helping with her nappies and bath and Maurice is so 'enthusiastic' with his hugs he is positively bear-like. It has only been 11 days but it seems like she has always been here - I know this sounds mega cheesy but it is true. Hope, my darling girl, welcome to our world - you have already made it so much happier.