Thursday, 29 May 2014


Half Term always has me in a right old muddle. Old routines are forgotten so chaos can roam plus Rupert is at home for 2 weeks between jobs so it's like one long fun weekend..... Well, if you include traipsing around endless 'homeware' shops searching out taps, tiles, paint and flooring as fun?! The highlight of which was Lenny weeing all over the floor of Topps Tiles when we were shown the 9th type of slate - eeek. I should also point out that we could well be counting rather a lot of chickens as we have yet to exchange on this house! Here are some recent snapshots from this week and last.....

caged beast
has anyone noticed the dragon on the lawn?

odd socks. Why do neither of my children have a set?!

Bear hunt.

When Lenny turns stylist


child labour

through the square window......


super strong dinosaur

brothers breaking bread

blondes do have more fun

sculpting a carrot

beautiful face

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

No cook picky lunch

In our family, immediate and wider, a platter of bits and bobs plucked from the fridge and presented as lunch is called 'picky'. Choose your own combination and eat in any order. It is a favourite of all ages particularly frazzled mums who are constantly wondering whether they can really present their children with yet another cheese sandwich at midday (me?! No......) We use compartmentalised plastic plates (rather like those used in prisons?!) which Lenny loves as he can legitimately eat the yoghurt raisons first.... true, I am lucky to have very greedy boys who will always return for the ham and cucumber but it may be worth a go even for the fussy eaters - who knows, remove some rules and see if they take to eating falafel on their own? OK, if not, cheese sarnie it is.

Here are some no-cook (aside from boiling the odd egg or toasting a pitta) options for your picky.....

Fig rolls, tomatoes, turkey, orange, cheese scone/ falafel, yoghurt with honey and apricots, yellow pepper, plums, hard boiled egg/ tuna sweetcorn mayonnaise, toast, dried apricots, raspberries, edam/ babybel, cucumber, water biscuits, ham, apple slices

corn on the cob, strawberries, pitta, carrots, homous/ cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes, grapes, red leicester, fruit pot/ prawn cocktail/ avocado/ blueberries/ bread sticks/ petit filous/ cream cheese crackers, asparagus, sweet chinese chicken pieces, peach

raisons, babycorn, mozarella balls, melon, quiche/ eggy bread, red pepper, kiwi, mango, cheese straws/ red grapes, banana, green pepper, pizza, yoghurt coated raisons/ ritz biscuits, watermelon, pear, cherries, sausage rolls

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A new era - the one piece

Pic Credit - Vogue

I have to be frank. Unless something very odd happens (like I get a lobotomy and manage to quit the wine and cake for the gym) I think my days of the itsy bitsy teeny weeny string bikini are over. I really cannot inflict anyone with my post pregnant wibble wobble. However, I am not down in the mouth - once upon a time the only option would have been a frumpy speedo which casts up horrendous memories of PE class in my teens (the stuff of nightmares) but now the one piece is a whole new story. Glamorous, classy and revealing just enough flesh to be oh so sexy - bring on the new era!

(Clockwise from the left) 1) Seafolly Desert Springs - £109 - Simply Beach 2) Cutout Maillot Suit by Mara Hoffman - £147 - Revolve Clothing 3) Printed Swimsuit - £30 - Next 4) Gloria Swimsuit - £39 - Monsoon 5) Kore Swim Flora - £198 - Free People 6) One Shoulder Swimsuit - £14.99 - H+M 7) Indigo Boat - £49.94 - Joules 8) Margate Swimsuit - £39.50 - Jack Wills 9) Motel Tutti Frutti - £40 - Asos 10) Mikoh Cloudbreak One - £168 - Free People 11) Reflective Palm Print - £32 - Asos 12) Tiled Waters by Nanette Lepore - £118 - Anthropologie

Friday, 23 May 2014

Book love.....

One for the next Amazon order - Mr Tiger goes Wild by Peter Brown. A delight of wit and beautiful illustration...... sometimes we all need to discard our clothes and go a bit wild right?!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


All in all last week was full of sunny smiles. We jumped all over the place to make the most of the summer rays - a trip to our local zoo to see the reptiles (Lenny loves snakes..... urgh), a beautiful Wiltshire wedding, a trip to blow the hangovers away at the beach, den building in the woods, lounging in the garden... oh, and the dreaded supermarket sweep....

(Note to self: buy the boys something other than h&m stripey tshirts they are becoming like a weird uniform)

My Mint.

waiting for the bath to run


just before he munched the dandelion - yum yum

sand treasure

beach, please clear my head

let me offer you some advice.....

get arffff maiiiiii laaaaaand you pesky guinea fowl

hiding in the rather overgrown veggies

ahhhh yes, the Bellis Perennis (daisy to you an I)

beautiful dancing bride


a trio of mango and chocolate heaven

stroking the dragon

blue steel

good old English wedding - so pretty

does anyone else pay for more food eaten than not at the checkout?!


python - eeeeeeeek

farmers hat

Monday, 19 May 2014

And breathe.......

Wow life is busy at the mo. Actually really great but just very busy. I know there are cobwebs growing thick on the blog but I am finding it hard to find any spare time. Ru has a new job starting in 3 weeks and so he is tying up ends at work meaning he is away quite a lot so I am juggling balls - the hectic everyday needs of a toddler and a baby, a house sale, a house purchase and the blog. I am spinning! But, fingers firmly crossed, things will be moving on with the new house and life can slow down a bit.... that is until we start renovating it and then who knows..... valium?! So, no apologies more of a explanation for lack of Lentil and the Mint love.....

(pic sourced here)

Monday, 12 May 2014


Some weeks feel more like survival than living. A lovely anniversary steak frites cooked by the hus and very welcome and fun visits from Uncle Mark and Godfather Dom punctuated my general weary mood. No real reason why - some coughing virus has got hold of the boys meaning distributing Tixylix at least twice and night so I'm tired. I know I should go to the gym and regenerate some energy but, quite frankly, I dont have the energy...... but this week is quieter and there are rumours afloat of some sun so feeling much perkier and ready to take the world on! Enough Moaning Myrtle.

Broom Broom

Bluebell wood. Pretty Pretty Pretty.

Daddy adoration

always running

Godfather Dom


hold my calls

pensive Maurice

ahhhh thats better

are you close enough?!

aaaaaaaa... tchooooo

all that running.....