Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I cannot believe it is Tuesday. I have no idea why but time is definitely on fast forward at the moment...... last week we kicked about at home, ate some yummy food, saw friends.......mmmmmmmm .... it was a good one but is now a bit of a blur...... anyhooooooo here are some snapshots.

Bracket and Lenny. Buds.

move Mum - I cant see Noddy...

Ru very proud of these tulips

lunch of the day. Avocado and lime on sourdough with fried egg and lashings of salt and pepper.

sunny chaps and me

Big Boy pants. Big step.

whatch'u lookin' at?

checking progress


cleanliness is close to....

Lenny insisted Mo was the superhero. MELT.

welcome home swallows

Lenny's tomatoes he planted

Friday, 25 April 2014

Beautiful Bits and Bobs for the Bubs

1. Collegien Slippers - £22 - Collegien 2. DIY word Banner - £10 - The Kid Who 3. Blanca Gomez poster - £23 - 1965 Kids 4. Rabbit printed magnetic wallpaper - £57 - Sisters Guild 5. Clara dress - £44 - La Coqueta Kids 6. Balloon power boat - £6 - Niddle Noddle 7. Elle Elephant Cushion - £28 - Ferm Living

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Professionals - Alice Cowen

Alice Cowen is a personal trainer and mummy of two beautiful boys Indigo and Sonny. She lives in Dorset and has just launched an amazing new company First Take Baby

Star Sign? 

Favourite book?
Life Doesn’t Frighten Me - Maya Angelou, illustrations by Jean - Michel Basquiat 

If you won the lottery what would you do 1st?
Buy tickets to glastonbury fest 2014 and buy my dream home!

Best Monday night supper?
Macaroni Cheese, peas and ketchup

Funniest film?
The Big Lebowski

Cannot live without?
Fingerless gloves and sunglasses

What does First Take Baby do?
First Take Baby takes all of the video clips and photos that you have taken over the first year of your baby’s life and consolidates it into an accessible short montage to music. Images and video that would have probably remained on hard drives and memory cards come to life in a short film which can be shared or gifted by friends and loved ones. A perfect Christening present, Mothers and Fathers day gift, or to send to Granny and Grandpa for them to show off their grand child!

How did you come up with the idea for First Take Baby?
My boyfriend angus did a video of our son Indigo and I thought it would make a good business.

Who actually edits the photos and clips into my film?

Where did Angus learn to edit?
His background is in film production so naturally he was the man for the job!

I am a bit nervous about sending my video clips and pictures to a stranger - should I be?
I totally understand the sensitivity regarding images of your children, we are therefore DBS checked.  Remember you only send us images that you want to end up in the final video, once the video is complete we securely delete all of the files you sent us and you and only you decides who gets to see the video.

What about the music, is it licensed?
Absoulutely we have a Limited Manufacture Licence that covers it.

How long does it take to make my video?
This can depend on how much footage and how long you want the end product to be, but approximately 4 weeks

Will it appear on your website?
Only if you allow us to show it, otherwise it will be password protected.

How much does it cost?
Prices start from £250, again it depends on the amount of footage and intended length.

Can I get more than 1 memory stick with the final video on it?
You can have as many as you like!

To find out more about First Take Baby and see Alice and Angus' son Indigo's first year film visit their website - FIRST TAKE BABY

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Highs and lows, highs and lows.... the never ending ebb and flow of life..... Last week saw a lot of highs - visits to the park, a day at Hestercombe, a weekend at Granny and Grandpas and the annual Easter Egg Hunt, the consumption of enough chocolate to sink a battle ship.... Then there were the lows - a 2 year old who refuses to leave your side for more than 1 minute, a 2 year old who when told no or your cut his toast into the wromg shapes has a massive meltdown, a 2 year old who if you dare to say Good Morning to glares at you with slit eyes and grunts and a 2 year old who, POINT BLANK refuses to sleep beyond 5am. I am pulling my hair out....!! On the other hand I have a smiley, happy, giggly, easy going Maurice Mint..... taking sides? me?!

(Also slightly annoyed these pics make Lenny look like an angel - must try a lot harder to show more reality....!!)


nice light


oh look mummy I found one that makes you shrink....


one day he will catch a bee and regret it....

My Mint. Cheesed Off.

happiness is a swing and some sun

no mum, I dont have an egg in my hamster cheek honest...

pop up books. amaze.


did you know all swans belong to the queen..... dont they?!

good place to throw sticks

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Piquant Pages....

Crictor is a loving and brave pet boa constrictor who lives in a small town in France......

Monday, 14 April 2014


What a difference blue skies make! Last week was spent walking in the rape fields, pottering around the garden, eating al fresco and partying a little too hard with friends - well, we had the celebrate the new season being well and truly here, seemed rude not to.....
hide and seek...... again!

pizza al fresco - and screw on hands! Such a fatty.....

having a chat with Lenny the Lion



Serious JCB work


gorg Mo

running in the rape


chunky chops

blue sky heaven

when in doubt you'll find him at the garage

the reality of twins!!!

beautiful Somerset