Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hic...cup...... the cocktails that have my mouth watering this party season.

At the moment me and the boys are tucked up on the sofa watching 101 Dalmations. It is the house of Snot. Just when I was smuggly thinking we had escaped the latest batch of illness striking down those around us we are hit head on...... however, this has not dulled my Christmas party spirit (no pun intended!) and I have been devising a list of Christmas treats I must stock up on over the next few weeks.... panatone, turkish delight, bendicks bitter mints being just a few but shining on top of the list are these scrummy looking cocktails - well, come on, if you can't indulge at Christmas when can you?!

(Pics - taken from Pinterest)

Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunday Snapshots..... oh, again on a Monday.....

Behind AGAIN this week. With everything. I just cannot seem to get my act together! Plan to dive into washing/ filing/ store cupboard shopping/ thank you letter writing and general life management this week. I know, rock and freakin' roll! Anyhoo.... I didnt take a lot of pictures last week. I am not sure why really thats just the way it went but we had fun knocking about in the leaves at home, playing in the park and walking off extreme hangovers on the Quantocks on Sunday (bad parenting?!)

tummy time that resulted in a pee drenched sheepskin!

obsessed by slides


serious frog riding

higher, higher

its raining leaves




large shoes to fill

no, I'm not tired mummy

new form of hide and seek


march on

merry go round fun with Indigo

party time

clearing the head

very serious

wild ponies

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wish List..... pressies for under £20

1. Girl and a Godzilla flip doll - £18 Miszkomaszko 2. Les Animaux Magiques collage book - £12.50 Sisters Guild 3. Squirrel Night Light - £10 I love Retro 4. Wooden Doorbell House - £19.99 Little Butterfly Toys 5. Acorn Spinning Tops - £17 Shak-Shuka 6. Deer Books Ends - £14.40 The Modern Baby 7. Fisher Price Musical Teaching Clock - £19.99 Rowdy Roddy Vintage

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kitchen Race Track

Find yourself a couple of rolls of electrical tape and some toy cars and hey presto hours of fun! This is no exaggeration. Some (most) of the activities I lovingly set up for Lenny have him occupied for 5 minutes at a push but this one had him engaged for the whole afternoon and it took minutes to set up. First all his cars went round the track one after the other and when they got tired all the animals came out and used it as a parade ground! Brilliant.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pretty Pages.....

Here are some pretty pages we have been perusing this week. Highly recommend them all - would make nice Xmas pressies.....

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sundays Snapshots...... on Monday!

Late again this week. We were at Granny and Grandpas this weekend and the long journey home means our Sunday evening is spent eating Heinz tomato soup and toast and watching Countryfile (rock and roll) but the week was a goodun. It was standard, ticking along in our routine until we headed back to Hampshire for the weekend as my sister was home from Poland with cousin Archie so we had a homey weekend being cooked and cared for by my mum and dad - lovely.

tummy time

autumn leaves still looking amazing!

strong grip.

happy chappy

finally loves a bath

so much attention at bathtime



broom broom

hitching a lift

my sticks bigger than yours

so cheeky

loves emptying the dishwasher - long may it last!


well this is one way to wash your hands!

gotta love baby feet

making scrambled eggs

Lenny loves his lava lamp



the only way to travel


Mo Bot

snake charmer

sunrise from our bedroom window


tractor lover