Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Baby Wish List

1. Simon the Snail music box - £30 Esthex 2. Snow Leopard Onesie by Mini Rodini - £50 Scandinavian Minimall 3. My Deer wall lamp - £54 The Modern Baby 4. Cloud breast feeding pillow by Farg and Form - £42 Northlight 5. Padraig Slippers - £30 Born Direct 6. Flensted mobile - £23 Skandium

Monday, 28 October 2013

DIY T Shirt

I love all the Scandi labels for kids. Smafolk, Ej Sikke Lej, JNY, Mini Rodini..... the list is endless. Their clothes are well designed and stylish yet still playful and fun...... I hear you thinking there must be a BUT coming and you would be right...... BUT, they are very ££. I do buy some in the 70% sales but most of the cool prints do not end up there so remain for evermore in my wish list! Here is the solution - a quick, easy and cheap way to make you own and the bonus is yours will be unique!! Get a plain t-shirt, fabric paint and a rubber stamp* (you can by 100000's of these online or any good craft shop) and hey presto - high end fashion for your kid.

*Rubber stamps are a brilliant craft staple - I have quite a collection that are used for cards / party bags / labels and as most are under £5 they are worth the investment!


1. Insert cardboard underneath the surface you want to print on to.
2. Sponge the paint onto the stamp - go easy as you do not want to overload it as the paint will bleed. If you use a brush its harder to control.
3. Print onto the shirt.
4. When the paint is dry cover the fabric with a clean tea towel and iron on a hot setting.
5. Wash and dry the t shirt.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday's Snapshots

A good week on the whole..... we have been hairing around the place of late and needed some good old fashioned home-time so we have spent our week hanging out as a family enjoying lots of food, sofa time and walking - it has been fab but means I have been a bit slack on the blog so next week I will pull my socks up!

bathtime with dad

baby scarf

Autumn on the Quantocks

Athena poster

This boy will turn into an apple

um mum - there's an anteater stealing my juice


checking the markets 

buggy zzz's

Maurice is looking massive all of a sudden!

been a baby is ace - eat, cuddle, sleep...

Bath alphabet



walkers - well, one walker and one carrier

Our family Sunday roast Sunday supper - I love these....

Listening to choons in mi tipee

the only good thing about this much rain

lets go fly a kite

the Maurice dancer maurie mint

Movie night - Argo - awesome.

cool tree



Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Patriotic Baby Boom......

Everywhere we turn at the moment people are either popping out littl'uns or announcing pregnancies. It's a happy baby boom in our camp - hardly surprising given our age I guess (35 yikes!) This means I am forever hunting for kiddy pressies - I believe you should give friends pretty things they would not buy themselves as they have to spend those extra pennies on sterilisers, nappies or baby monitors (SNORE) I also think if you want to source unusual, handmade treasures keep to the UK. We have the talent and should support our own where we can. Here are six of my best shops.... all products made right here in Blighty..... feel proud people, feel proud.

1. Wild Things Funky Little Dresses 2. Sally Nencini 3. The Button Tree 4. Lula Handmade 5. Sue Hill 6. Hop and Peck

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Snapshots..... feeling lucky......

This week has been tough. Rupert has been working in London and on a stag do in Ireland so I have had the boys on my own and all I can say is I take my hat off to single parents - you are incredible. I floundered on day 2 and retreated back to my mum and dads to get some grandparent help and thank the good lord I did as Lenny ended up with a tummy bug which included six nightly wake ups with sheets/ clothes/ hair all being covered in puke (sorry, TMI?!) and the Mo man is still waking three times for milk so all in all if it had not been for Granny I would have not slept at all!!!! Basically I feel lucky. Granny and Grandpa always come happily to my rescue but day to day we need Daddy back in this house because we cannot tick without you! Hurry home……

Anyhoo that's why the pics round up this week is a bit thin…… and apologies to beautiful Maurice who is not represented nearly enough as it's hard to snap a baby permanently strapped to you in the BabyBjorn!!

Are you quite comfy in Granny's chair?!

Hide and seek..... usual.....


Grandpapapapapa - a great story teller

mmmmm a friendly piece on taxidermy in Granny and Grandpa's house - this is, definately, a family heirloom we all remember it at our grandparents house and those before them and those before them.....


a peek of the sun



I'm not sure Pom Bears are suitable for mutts?


Hilda doesn't like to cuddle

Oh, there you are smiley chops Mo!

Trampoline smile

wow Granny and Grandpa's TV is like a cinema!

the beloved tractors

the real Ferguson

happy chappy